Anonymous asked:
Hi Shea, do u do anything special to ur eyebrows? They're perfect and I truly envy them.

Aw hey thanx no I shape these wild monkeys every once in a while!!!!

Celebrating our 10 months today drunk and cuddling. I love her more than anything, I’m going to make her my wife one day :)

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Anonymous asked:
Jane Rizzoli is that you?

Hahaha ya dats me

Anonymous asked:
I love how your advice to pretty much every question, sex related or not, is to fuck someone lol "I like a girl but she's straight" fuck her and turn her gay(or something similar) "my bf broke up with me" have sex with everyone. "I'm not sure if I'm lesbian" fuck a girl and find out. "I'm bored" fuck your neighbor.

You sound like you need to get laid too 😘